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Church of St. Stanislaus Bishop and Martyr, late Romanesque

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The church stands in the middle of the village, defined from the NE by Jana Pawła II Street, and from the SW by Tadeusza Kościuszki Street. It is oriented so that its presbytery with the altar "look" towards Jerusalem, because that is where the Templars, the knights of the temple, come from. It attracts attention with its huge shape, which was created by adding a transept, apse and a tower to the original late-Romanesque body erected before 12501. It will be interesting to find this body, made of precisely hewn granite squares. When the temple was expanded, the south-eastern wall of the nave was demolished, but the shapely, carefully worked granite squares obtained in this way were used in the construction of a new part of the church. I think we'll be interested to find out in which part they were used. Everything was surrounded by a wall, the year of construction 1822 was engraved on the stone on the SW side. Between the wall and the church was the first Cychr cemetery.

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