"In the Krzesin Landscape Park"

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Both the character of the area - picturesque meadows and forests along the Oder River, and the type of the roads - paved roads along the river and asphalt roads of low traffic - predispose this area to a place particularly recommended for cyclists, also with children. Which way to go by bike? A very attractive trail leads on the top of a bank along the Oder River, from the village of Rąpice down the river. On the way there are the following attractions: areas of protected nature, ruins of the bridge in Kłopot, and in the village - the Museum of Stork. Going further along the bank, one can reach Urad, Słubice or Górzyca. However, it is worth looking around the area and go from Kłopot back to Rąpice. An attractive option is also the trail from Rąpice along the foot of the Oder River Valley, through Bytomiec, Miłów and Rybaki. A little more difficult, sometimes sandy, is the road going into flood polders of the Landscape Park, from Krzesin to the ruins of the abandoned village of Schiedlo. The ruins are situated on the opposite bank of the mouth of the Lusatian Neisse and there are hidden plenty of interesting stories there. The trails in the park offer one full day or two of calm, slow cycling.

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