Dolina Środkowej Odry i Dolnego Bobru

Dolina Środkowej Odry i Dolnego Bobru

About the region

The Local Action Group’s area of operation covers the Lubusz Lake District, the Middle Oder Valley and the Lower Bóbr Valley. The Middle Oder Valley includes the communes of Krosno Odrzańskie, Dąbie and Maszewo, with Krosno Odrzańskie as its main urban centre. The mesoregion of the Lower Bóbr Valley is a narrow, longitudinal strip of the valley of the lower section of the Bóbr river which meanders through the commune of Bobrowice to its mouth in Krosno Odrzańskie. There are hydroelectric power plants in Dychów and Stary Raduszec. The Lower Bóbr Valley does not have any major urban centres.

The local forests, covering over 60% of the region, form exceptionally large and compact ecosystems. With 76,8% of its territory covered by forests, the commune of Bytnica has one of the highest afforestation rates in Poland. The dominant type of forests in the region are pine woods which are particularly beneficial for respiratory health. The undergrowth is rich with wild mushrooms, picked by local citizens and tourists alike.

The landscape of the region is interspersed with numerous water reservoirs: clean lakes and ponds which attract tourists, and the scenic rivers, such as the Oder, the Bóbr, the Pliszka and the Gryżynka, connecting all of the communes covered by the Local Development Strategy. The region has a very diverse fauna and flora inhabiting a variety of ecosystems, from meadows through forests to water and marshes; many of the ecosystems are actively protected. The area of operation of the LAG has two landscape parks: the Krzesin Landscape Park and the Gryżyna Landscape Park, as well as a number of nature conservation sites and natural monuments. The coherent policies of the partner communes, aimed at the development of tourism and recreation, make it possible to preserve the natural values of the region.

About the association

The Local Action Group “Zielone Światło” is a non-governmental organisation, bringing together businesses, public entities, NGOs and individual persons, operating in five communes of the Krosno Odrzańskie district in the Lubusz Voivodeship: Bobrowice, Bytnicę, Dąbie, Krosno Odrzańskie and Maszewo.

The NGO, founded in 2004 to improve the quality of life of the local citizens, initiates and implements various projects aimed at utilising the region’s unique natural and cultural values, and fostering social and economic development. The LAG “greenlights” all initiatives which benefit the local communities, boosting the development of entrepreneurship, and the creation of new and growth of existing businesses. The LAG also improves the attractiveness of the region as a tourist destination, working towards building new cycleways, playgrounds and outdoor gyms, and restoring and refurnishing the rural community centres. The Local Action Group also strives to preserve the historical heritage by restoring and renovating historical sites and objects.

The LAG significantly contributes to the region’s continued growth and development. Efficient use of EU funds benefits both the region and the local communities. The fact that it is the citizens themselves who decide on the development of their immediate surroundings, is of particular relevance.

Detailed information on the Local Action Group “Zielone Światło” can be found on the LAG’s website at, and on the LAG’s Facebook profile.


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