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Church of St. Józef in Krupski Młyn

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As early as 1962, the first efforts were made to build a new church, but the chaplain did not live in Krupski Młyn only in 1976. In the spring of 1980, the Governor of Katowice issued a permit to build a church. The Krupski Młyn parish was established by the decree of the Bishop of Opole on June 13, 1980. Its territory was separated from the Koty parish.

The square for the construction of the church and the cross were consecrated by Bishop Antoni Adamiuk on October 12, 1980. A year later, on October 12, 1981, Bishop Jan Wieczorek made the first, symbolic excavation for the foundations of the temple. The construction of the church took 6 years. At that time, a church, a chapel with catechetical rooms and a presbytery were built. The authors of the design are the architects: Jerzy Rak and Jan Skrzypek. The church and the altar were consecrated on September 27, 1987 by the bishop of Opole, Alfons Nossol.

In 1990, the Episcopal Commission for Church Building awarded three sacred buildings built in Poland in 1984-88 with a distinction for functional and aesthetic advantages, among them the church of st. Józef in Krupski Młyn.

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